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Dialog methods and options

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Dialog methods

Method Effects
constructor(options={}) See options list below
open(event=null, show=true)

Open the dialog

  1. the dialog body will be immediately loaded with static content provided by option "html"
  2. then the dialog is shown (unless the "show" parameter is false)
  3. finally, dynamic content will be loaded from remote address provided by option "url" (if supplied)
  4. if successfull, a 'loaded.dialog' event is fired; you can use it to perform any action required after loading
close() Close (hide) the dialog
show() Make the dialog visible

Dialog options

Option Default value Notes
dialog_selector '#dialog_generic' The selector for HTML dialog template
open_event null Used to "remember" the event which triggered Dialog opening
html '' Static content to display in dialog body
url '' Optional url to retrieve dialog content via Ajax
width null  
min_width null  
max_width null  
height null  
min_height null  
max_height null  
button_save_label 'Save'  
button_save_initially_hidden false Will be shown after form rendering
button_close_label 'Cancel'  
title ''  
subtitle ''  
footer_text ''  
enable_trace false show notifications in debug console
callback null a callback to receive events
autofocus_first_visible_input true  

Unspecified options will be retrieved from corresponding HTML attributes on the element which fires the dialog opening; for example:

<a href="{% url 'frontend:whatever' %}"
   data-title="My title"
   data-subtitle="My Subtitle"
   onclick="new Dialog().open(event); return false;">
Option HTML attribute
url href
html data-html
width data-width
min_width data-min-width
max_width data-max-width
height data-height
min_height data-min-height
max_height data-max-height
button_save_label data-button-save-label
button_close_label data-button-close-label
title data-title
subtitle data-subtitle
footer_text data-footer-text